Brighton NC (BNC) was established in 1965. At the time, we were one of the first privately held US companies that owned a numerically controlled or NC machine (the forerunner to today's CNC machines). The business started with three families and one NC lathe. Today, two of the original families are still actively involved 50/50%, with 70+ CNC machine tools and nearly 200 employees.

With one of the first NC lathes for hire in the country, by definition, we started as a technology company. Initially, we used timeshared computers and paper punch tape on our one NC machine.

Today, we share data seamlessly with customers and suppliers around the world. Collaborations on product development, fixtures and tooling are done in a truly global market


Brighton NC Machine (BNC) became known as a machining company, driven by a machinist, Jack Clausnitzer. Jack insisted that machining fundamentals were learned and passed on to all employees. Many of the people who have benefitted from this training have been with the company nearly 40 years. Over the years, BNC added many other very talented people who have shown continued dedication to their profession and the company's success. These people are BNC's foundation and our primary competitive advantage.

BNC's competitors are often stalled by the outside suppliers they require to design and build their fixtures. Because we have the talent to do so, we design and build virtually every fixture in-house. This makes us a very tough company to compete against, especially when timing is crucial.

Our leadership team's dedication to training continues today through multiple programs. We have utilized the services of Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center for leadership and technical training. We have partnered with Mott Community College for machining training. We utilize various training providers to keep up-to-date with computer software, applications and business systems. We pay 100% tuition reimbursement for our employees who pursue accredited education programs.

In summary, BNC's engineering and manufacturing talent, high expectations and absolute dedication to the success of our workforce are our primary competitive advantages.